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Crawling Google and other search engines to find appropriate health and safety courses and training used to be time consuming and expensive. Over the last two decades Envico has enabled training buyers to find and book courses quickly and cost effectively. Our innovative approach in recent years to training provider comparison and course comparison has resulted in training buyers making smarter / more informed decisions when purchasing.

The Original Intermediary – Established 2003

Established in January 2003, we are the original health and safety training intermediary and course comparison company. Since the beginning we have believed that buyers should be able to purchase the highest quality training at the lowest possible price in the most convenient location. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our service and offering, we traditionally provide access to classroom courses via www.envico-online.com. The recent COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has resulted in increased demand for safe, convenient and effective online learning options.

healthandsafetycourse.co.uk is our most recent innovation in this essential and evolving marketplace. E-learning and distance learning offer savings, advantages and other benefits when compared with traditional classroom study options. You can learn at work online or study in the comfort of your own home as long as you have a reliable broadband internet connection and a suitable hand-held device, laptop or desktop computer.

Company Information

Registered Business Name

  • Envico Limited

Company Registered No.

  • 4643671


  • January 2003

Industry Sector

  • Internet / Advertising & Marketing

Head Offices

  • Armstrong House, 4-6 First Avenue, Doncaster Airport, Hayfield Lane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

No. Of Employees

  • 5 – 10

Founding Director and Shareholder » Drew Mitchell

Drew Mitchell - Managing Director

Company Director and Shareholder » Gordon Kaylor

Trademark Information

The marks shown below have been registered as a series of two marks under No. 2549067 since 01 June 2010.

  • Envico

Class 09

Pre-recorded CDs and DVDs; educational, teaching and training materials in the form of CDs and DVDs; educational materials or printed matter in electronic format; downloadable electronic publications, educational materials or printed matter in electronic format (downloadable); downloadable audio, visual and audiovisual material; downloadable educational, teaching and training materials; sound recordings; video recordings; podcasts.

Class 16

Printed matter, printed publications, books, instructional and teaching materials; educational material in printed format; manuals; magazines; newsletters; advertising and promotional materials; stationery; calendars, posters, diaries.

Class 41

Education, teaching and training; coaching and mentoring services; educational, teaching, instruction and training services in the fields of health and safety, site safety, first aid, project management, food safety, alcohol licensing, environmental awareness and management, conservation, electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, and energy assessment; providing courses, classes and workshops relating to education, teaching and training; services for the provision of educational revision; education, teaching and training services namely a website that provides revision for educational purposes; education, teaching and training namely a website that provides information for educational and training purposes; provision of information in the field of education, teaching and tuition; arranging, organising and conducting seminars, courses, workshops, classes for educational and teaching purposes; provision of online electronic publications (not downloadable); publishing; publication of books, texts, leaflets, reports, educational and training materials and manuals; production of videos and audio visual material relating to the above; production of sound and video recordings; publishing multimedia content namely audio, video, graphics, text via communications networks; advisory, consultancy and information services relating to the above.

Class 45

Advisory, consultancy and information services relating to health and safety; facilities management, namely contract management, health and safety inspection and security; project studies relating to health and safety.

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