Preventing Hearing Loss at Work

Did you know that, according to the Health and Safety Executive, approximately 170,000 people in the UK suffer from deafness and ringing in the ears – which is caused by excessive noise in the workplace? If you work in an environment that has excessive noise levels, you could be doing permanent damage to your hearing. […]

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What to Know About Working with Asbestos

Before it was banned, asbestos was used as a building material for many years. Unfortunately, it now poses a risk as it hides within our walls and ceilings – especially to those who work in the construction or demolition industry. Asbestos is responsible for over 4,000 deaths every year. The scary part is that asbestos […]

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Food Safety in Your Catering Company

Food safety training is one way to ensure your employees are aware of food safety. Ignoring basic health and safety guidelines can lead to all sorts of problems for businesses and their customers. A recent case highlights the financial cost that lapses in food health and safety can cost any business, as this week the […]

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49 Cases of Food Poisoning

Besides the obvious legal requirements for food safety training, there is another point to consider. In the news recently one newlywed couple and many of their guests were left with an extreme bout of food poisoning after eating pate served at the wedding reception. The newlyweds had gone on their honeymoon only to fall ill […]

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HACCP Food Safety Training

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is the approach which must be followed within the food and pharmaceutical industries to identify and control hazards from chemicals and biological sources. The food safety course which will provide you with skills and knowledge of the HACCP is the one day course, the CIEH Level 2 Principles […]

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Hazards in Food and Drink Manufacturing

While food and drink is strictly controlled to be safe for the public to eat, it can be dangerous to consider the industry low risk as far as health and safety is concerned. There are many hazards found in the industry and that is why food safety training, such as the courses offered by the […]

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