Asbestos Awareness

This Asbestos Awareness e-learning course is suitable for all members of an organisation requiring a base level understanding of the subject.

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Asbestos has often been called ‘the hidden killer’ – indeed the word asbestos today conjures up a genuine fear of irreversible damage to health.

This is borne out by statistics which suggest that asbestos is probably the biggest occupational killer in the UK.

In domestic properties, asbestos used as a building material was at its peak between 1945 and 1980, and, in the UK, there are over nine million houses of this age. In addition, it is estimated that there are about one and a half million workplace properties with some form of asbestos in them.

So, while there’s relatively little chance of experiencing the degree of exposure that many suffered during the 20th century, the risk is still there, which is why this course – aimed at non-licensed contractors/workers – is so important.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand asbestos – what it is, where it is found and the danger it presents
  • Explain asbestos and the law
  • Describe personal and respiratory protective equipment
  • State safe working procedures with asbestos

This e-learning provides awareness education. Face-to-face training, coaching or supervision would be needed in addition in order to complete the all-round skills and knowledge to be able to carry this forward practically in your organisation.

Course Duration

1 hour 10 minutes

Target Audience

All members of an organisation requiring a base level understanding of the subject

Available In

Mixed Media (audio/video elements with subtitles)



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