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  • Anaphylaxis and Autoinjectors e-learning

    Anaphylaxis and Autoinjectors

    £5.00 + VAT
    Understand the risks of a severe allergic reaction and how to administer adrenaline through an autoinjector. This e-learning / online short course is designed to be completed in under 30 minutes and has the potential to save a life.
  • Care Certificate e-learning

    Care Certificate

    £35.00 + VAT
    Interactive, engaging and endorsed by Skills for Care, Highfield’s Care Certificate e-learning is designed to help you achieve the knowledge requirements of all 15 standards. The course is written by leading experts from the field of health and social care. Designed to allow learners to work at their own pace, online, at a time and in a place to suit them, and achieve the knowledge element of the care certificate.
  • Child Neglect and its Causes e-learning

    Child Neglect and its Causes

    £25.00 + VAT
    This Child Neglect and its Causes e-learning course is suitable for those working with or in the presence of children and requiring a basic understanding of child neglect.
  • Child Protection Officer e-learning

    Child Protection Officer

    £20.00 + VAT
    This e-learning course is for Child Protection Officers, it teaches how to establish and maintain processes in accordance with the Child Safety Policy to ensure the duty of care essential to safeguarding the welfare and safety of children to protect from harm.
  • Childhood Bereavement An Introduction e-learning

    Childhood Bereavement: An Introduction

    £25.00 + VAT
    This Childhood Bereavement: An Introduction e-learning course is suitable for school teachers, staff and anyone caring for a child.
  • CIEH Health and Safety Level 2 in the Workplace online

    CIEH Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace

    £25.00 + VAT
    The CIEH Health and Safety Level 2 in the Workplace online training course is ideal for anyone responsible for health and safety across sectors such as facilities, catering, care, logistics/warehousing and light construction. Key health and safety legislation, safety management processes, risk assessment and prevention is covered in this course.
  • Safeguarding Children e-learning

    Safeguarding Children

    £5.00 + VAT
    This Safeguarding Children e-learning course introduces the roles, responsibilities and rights when it comes to safeguarding children. Learn the actions you should take if you have concerns for a child’s wellbeing, the support available, and begin to understand the basic principles of safeguarding legislation. The potential risks associated with the internet and social networking will also be considered within this short course.
  • Safeguarding Children course online

    Safeguarding Children

    £20.00 + VAT
    This safeguarding children course online is for you if you work as a coach, activity leader, manager, volunteer or indirectly as a person who may interact with the young or vulnerable as part of your work activities.
  • Safeguarding Children in Health & Social Care e-learning

    Safeguarding Children in Health & Social Care

    £25.00 + VAT
    This Safeguarding Children in Health and Social Care e-learning course is suitable for workers in health and social care who require an understanding of child safeguarding.
  • tact course online

    TACT (Dealing with Difficult Situations)

    £20.00 + VAT
    The TACT course online (dealing with difficult situations) explores how to avoid confrontational situations by adopting a communication style that allows the team member to intervene positively and tactfully to prevent a situation from escalating.
  • What You Can Do To Help e-learning

    What You Can Do To Help

    £25.00 + VAT
    This What You Can Do To Help course explains some of the ways you can help children and young adults suffering from a bereavement. Aimed at both primary and secondary school teachers.

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